Ship goods from the Baltics Russia Baltics
to the US buyers
From $8.29 per package
for businesses
Up to $100
of free insurance

Delivery Rates

Methods of delivery
Total cost $
Delivery from to approx. from days

How to ship a package

Create manually
Suitable for individuals and sending occasional packages to friends and family abroad
Upload a list
Upload one convenient Xls-file of your buyers’ packages and pay all at once
Connect an eBay account
We offer you a valuable tool to deliver orders from eBay at Fulfilla rates
As you created and paid for your package, just ship it to us by any carrier you want
More on Export from the Baltic states in the Help section

The advantages of Fulfilla

Fast delivery
8+ day delivery from Riga to the US recipient. We use air shipping service as the fastest and the most reliable one
Convenient shipment creation
Register your account and create your first shipments manually, import from eBay, or upload a list
Shipments protection
All packages are automatically covered up to a value of $100. If the value of the content exceeds $100, you can purchase additional protection
Create your first shipment from the Baltics to the USA