Shipment protection program

The shipment protection program covers the following cases:

  • If the shipment was lost
  • If the contents of the shipment were damaged
  • If you will find a shortage of goods upon receipt of the shipment

What kind of refunds you can get

If the shipment was lost

Maximum compensation is the protected price of the contents but not more thanreal and declared cost. We will also refund the cost of international delivery.

In case of partly missing contents

Compensation for shortage in the package is calculated by real cost of the missingitems (but cannot exceed the declared price). The delivery cost is not recovered asthe delivery itself was effected.

For damaged contents

The sum of compensation for the damaged item is calculated depending on the kindof damage and evaluation of the inflicted damage.

If you received damaged items, you can only count on partial compensation, exceptin cases of total damage leading to complete destruction of the items. The sum ofpartial compensation is calculated individually. The delivery cost of the packagewith  damaged  enclosure  is  usually not  recovered,  however,   in  each  case  thedecision is made individually. Contact our Support and attach as many documentsas possible (photos, reports, video, etc.).

In what cases the delivery cost is recovered?

Only if the shipment was lost and wasn’t delivered.

How to determine what shipment value is protected?

When you fill in the the package description for an outgoing shipment, you specify the cost of each item. The data is automatically summed up. The final sum is the declared cost of the enclosure and the sum under protected as well.

The maximum declared value for the carriage of a shipment is 1500 US dollars per Shipment.

How is shipment protection program cost calculated?

All shipments are automatically protected from loss/damage in the amount of 100 US dollars + the cost of the Contractor's services.

If the sum of package contents cost exceeds $ 100, you can additionally order extra protection for the shipment, the cost of which is calculated by the formula: 2% of the difference between the declared value of the entire contents of the shipment and  $ 100 guaranteed protection. 

How much time do I have to inform you of the of the accident damage?

You have to let us know immediately if damage or shortage of the contents has been recorded. You have 7 calendar days after the delivery date to provide documentary evidence and send your claim.

What information do I have to provide to draw up in the case of damage?

Depending on the case you will need to provide:

  • copy of mail/courier service report;
  • photos/other visual materials relating to the item description (for example, photos of a similar item from the website);
  • photos of wrapping material/package wrapping;
  • detailed photos of damage if there is any;
  • also expert evaluation of repairs — if the contents are damaged;
  • invoice from the seller/shop where you bought the item.

We also has the right to demand documents from you confirming the actual value ofthe contents of the Shipment (fot example invoice), and may also require an independent assessment of the value of the contents of the disputed shipment.

How long does it take to consider in case of damage?

Events are considered individually. The time depends on the type and availability of all the documentary evidence. Usually they are considered within 7-30 days.

How is the compensation paid?

If you win the dispute, Support service will notify you of the forthcoming compensation payment. This sum will be refunded to your PayPal account.

What do I do with the damaged item and wrapping while the dispute is in progress?

It’s necessary to keep all the documents, items, and package wrapping in their original condition as you received them before a decision is made on your claim: don’t use them, don’t destroy them.

My package wasn’t protected, what do I do in case of the damage?

If you have not chosen additional protection when processing the shipment, then you can receive compensation in the amount of the real value of the contents, but not more than the amount of $ 100 per shipment.